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EnduroTrader is a source of online classifieds for circle track racers across the United States. These cars are typically raced in Enduro races or weekly series such as Bandits, Hornets, 4-Cylinders, Buzz, Front Wheel Drive, Figure 8 and more.

We also feature the internet’s most up-to-date database of circle tracks, with maps, satellite imagery, contact and track information for every circle track in the nation (nearly 1,000 in total). was launched in late February 2013 and has already risen to over 14,000 monthly visitors.

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EnduroTrader currently offers two primary ad sizes—a 250 x 250 pixel square and a 468 x 59 pixel leaderboard. The 468 x 59 ads appear at the top and bottom of all track pages while the 250 x 250 ads appear at the top-right of all track pages and car listing pages.


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At EnduroTrader, we care deeply about our advertisers and strive for long-lasting, mutually beneficial advertising models. Rather than cutting our advertisers off at a certain number of impressions, we implement thresholds. We charge $300 a month in exchange or a minimum of 12,000 impressions. Meaning, advertisers will not be charged an additional $300 until they reach the 24,000 impression mark.

This model allows our advertisers to set budgets and plan accordingly, and also allows us to maintain a simple ad serving structure. Most importantly, it allows our advertisers to show their ads to drivers and race fans across the country anywhere from 12,000 to 23,999 times for just a few hundred dollars.

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