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How To Set Up An In-Car Camera For Racing

Whether you want to relive the excitement of the track from the comfort of your living room, or you just want to show your buddies how cool you are, mounting an in-car camera for racing can be a lot of fun. Video production isn’t everyone’s strong point, so we’ve put together this post that lays out what kind of equipment you...
Best Enduro Cars

What Are The Best Enduro Cars?

Every year, hundreds of racers go on the search for the perfect weekend warrior to gut out, put a roll cage in, weld shut and bang around the nearest track in. Some racers go on this search more than once a year. Combing through Craigslist spam and unreliable ads is bad enough (and also why we created this site), but even worse is not having a...
Mohawk International Speedway Pit Pass

Pit Pass Series: Mohawk International Speedway

Welcome racers! As we mentioned in last week’s post, we will be taking an in-depth look at exceptional circle tracks around the nation on a regular basis. How do we choose which tracks to profile in the Pit Pass Series, you ask? Simple—we let you decide! You don’t need to vote or send us an email, we simply look to see which...
EnduroTrader Pit Pass Series

Introducing The Pit Pass Series

Building EnduroTrader has been a great experience. While gathering data for our nearly 1,000 circle track profiles, we came across some truly unique and entertaining tracks that put on great Enduro races every year. While our track profile pages give an overview of the track, an aerial image, weather and contact information, there were some tracks...
Circle Track Racing Trivia

Circle Track Trivia: Test Your Knowledge!

The process of putting together our database of nearly 1,000 American circle tracks wasn’t exactly “quick.” However, we did come across a lot of fun tracks and interesting tidbits. So how well do you know circle track racing and the dirt and asphalt tracks that span the United States? We’ve put together a short quiz to help...
EnduroTrader - Used Cars for Sale

Announcing the Launch of

After months of hard work, we’re pleased to announce the launch of EnduroTrader represents the pure fun that comes with ripping down a cheap car and converting it into a weekend warrior; tearing around dirt tracks and asphalt tracks while rubbing with other racers with spray-painted numbers on the doors. At it’s core,...