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Circle Track Racing Trivia

Circle Track Trivia: Test Your Knowledge!

The process of putting together our database of nearly 1,000 American circle tracks wasn’t exactly “quick.” However, we did come across a lot of fun tracks and interesting tidbits.

So how well do you know circle track racing and the dirt and asphalt tracks that span the United States? We’ve put together a short quiz to help you find out. For each correct answer, award yourself 2 points.

1. What state has the largest number of circle tracks?

A. Pennsylvania
B. Iowa
C. New York
D. Kansas

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A. Pennsylvania currently has 48 known circle tracks.

2. What state has the largest number of asphalt tracks?

A. Michigan
B. Pennsylvania
C. Indiana
D. North Carolina

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A. Michigan currently has 18 known asphalt tracks.

3. What state has the largest number of dirt tracks?

A. Iowa
B. Pennsylvania
C. Texas
D. Tie between Iowa & Pennsylvania

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D. If you chose a tie, you’d be correct. Both Iowa & Pennsylvania have 43 known dirt tracks.

4. How many total tracks are in the NASCAR Sprint Cub Series?

A. 25
B. 17
C. 23
D. 30

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C. The 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup season featured 21 oval tracks & 2 road courses, or a total of 23 tracks.

5. At what track did Dale Earnhardt make his Winston Cup debut?

A. Richmond International Raceway – Richmond, VA
B. Martinsville Speedway – Martinsville, VA
C. Charlotte Motor Speedway – Concord, NC
D. Darlington Raceway – Darlington, SC

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C. Dale Earnhart made his depute at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1975, finishing 22nd.

6. What U.S. state currently has no circle tracks at all?

A. Hawaii
B. Rhode Island
C. Alaska
D. Delaware

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B. We were unable to find any circle tracks in Rhode Island.

7. When was NASCAR founded?

A. 1947-48
B. 1939-40
C. 1958-59
D. 1932-33

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A. Bill France, Sr. founded NASCAR in 1947-48.

8. Which of the following is NOT a recognized track classification?

A. D-Shaped Oval
B. Tri-Oval
C. Paper Clip Oval
D. Right Angle
E. Dog Leg
F. Quad-Oval
G. Roval

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D. Right Angle

9. Which of the following IS a recognized racing tactic?

A. Hit and run
B. Bump and run
C. Rub and race
D. Banana peels

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B. Bump and run is a recognized racing tactic. Banana peels on the track are reserved for Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong and Yoshi (exceptions can be made for Peaches, Wario, Toad and Bowser).

10. A corner flagman waves the blue flag at you, what does that mean?

A. You must immediately pull into the pits
B. Cool down lap
C. 10 laps to go
D. A faster car is approaching or attempting to pass you

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D. The blue flag is used to signal a driver that a faster car is either approaching (steady flag) or actually attempting a pass (waved flag).

Well, there you have it. 10 questions for a total possible 20 points. How’d you do?

20 Points: Well, well. I didn’t know we had Richard Petty visiting the site.
15-19 Points: We’ll call you “Prince of the Circle Track.”
10-15 Points: You’re the middle-of-the-pack type, aren’t ya?
5-10 Points: Bring’her into the pits. You’re parked.
0-5 Points: A “car” is a horseless carriage with four round wheels. A “track” is a circular surface made of dirt of asphalt on which these “cars” roll. Study up and try again.

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