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Announcing the Launch of

After months of hard work, we’re pleased to announce the launch of EnduroTrader represents the pure fun that comes with ripping down a cheap car and converting it into a weekend warrior; tearing around dirt tracks and asphalt tracks while rubbing with other racers with spray-painted numbers on the doors. At it’s core, Enduro racing is a time-honored form of Americana—one that is unfortunately fading away in several parts of the country.

Here at EnduroTrader, we’re dedicated to the racers with fun on their mind; who want the thrill of racing without breaking the bank. Most of all, we’re dedicated to keeping these events running and even expanding across the country.

What You Can Find

EnduroTrader has all of the functionality of your favorite auto classifieds sites. You can post free ads or featured ads; listing your car’s make, model, year, location and features while uploading any photos you have available. Our modern design gives your listing a clean and presentable look as opposed to the limited appeal of other classifieds sites.

Looking for an Enduro car instead? No problem. Our advanced search options allow you to find cars near you; allowing you to filter your results in a number of ways. You can even search for cars by condition – whether they were a grocery-getter yesterday and need to be built into an Enduro car, or bruised around a track last week and are ready to go again.

What You Can Do

In addition to buying and selling Enduro cars, you can also browse our database of nearly 1,000 dirt and asphalt circle tracks across the United States. You can browse by state or even locate tracks using our numerous interactive maps.

Each individual track page will tell you a little bit about the track, important information such as track surface and length, contact information, weather forecast and even an aerial view of the track. Use this directory to quickly hunt down track websites and phone numbers to learn more about upcoming events, rules and races.

Who Is It For?

EnduroTrader is for anyone who loves the thrill of rough and affordable racing on the weekends. Despite the name, we aren’t limited to only Enduro cars. Several race tracks across the country host races and divisions that feature cars similar to most Enduros, sometimes by a different name. To accommodate a wider range of racers, EnduroTrader allows car listings that can fall into the following divisions:

  • 4 Banger (4 tracks)
  • 4 Cylinder (100 tracks)
  • Bandit (5 tracks)
  • Bomber (46 tracks)
  • Buzz (2 tracks)
  • Compact (42 tracks)
  • Cyber Stock (1 track)
  • Enduro (181 tracks)
  • Figure 8 (26 tracks)
  • Flyin 4s (1 track)
  • Front Runner (1 track)
  • Front Wheel Drive (20 tracks)
  • Hornet (60 tracks)
  • Magic 4s (1 track)
  • Mini Stock (106 tracks)
  • Renegade (1 track)
  • Rim Runner (1 track)
  • Roadrunner (10 tracks)
  • Stinger (3 tracks)

What You Can Expect

In addition to a constant stream of new listings, check back to the EnduroTrader blog for news, editorials and regular profiles of different Enduro races across the country. We have plenty of content and exciting developments on the way.

Now, if you’ve read this far, we’d like to ask a favor. As a new site, we’re all about getting the word out, so please share EnduroTrader with your friends, family and fellow racers so we can make finding and selling Enduro cars an easier process.

See you at the track!


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